Epoxy EPIDIAN® DECO SYSTEM is a solvent-free, low-viscosity formulation that creates a transparent coating with high-end appearance, intended for use in making decorative elements.


  • casting of fully transparent items
  • embedding small objects in transparent resin
  • making furniture and decorative items based on wood and transparent or coloured resin compositions
  • filling “canyons” in decorative countertops
  • surfacing wooden countertops


Sarzyna Chemical offers a wide range of EPIDIAN® products. Epoxy flooring portfolio includes but is not limited to resins and hardeners for thin epoxy flooring, self-levelling flooring, flooring with the addition of acrylic flakes, quartz sand or grit. The basic range of EPIDIAN® FLOOR C1 and S1 compositions includes 10 selected RAL colours. Other shades are available upon request.

EPIDIAN® epoxy flooring systems boast:

  • excellent adhesion to horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • good mechanical and chemical resistance
  • water resistance.

Three key factors that affect the quality of epoxy flooring:  

  • proper combination of resin and hardener
  • proper selection of fillers and auxiliaries, thorough preparation of the Surface
  • appropriate application technique.